Innovative technology that provides locations, sizes and timing of emission sources
Airdar (air detection and ranging) is an innovative technology that provides locations, sizes and timing of emission sources. Airdar can provide 24/7 emissions surveillance with unmanned operations. The Airdar technology equips industry with actionable information, enabling a proactive response to changing or emerging emission sources.

Just as your eyes can see visible plumes (i.e. steam plumes) and track them back to the sources, Airdar technology has the ability to see invisible plumes and track them back to their sources. Airdar uses only common measures of air concentration and meteorological data. Airdar cost-effectively provides 24 hour surveillance of site emissions.

The Airdar Technology:
  • characterizes emitting sources (location, size, and variability)
  • delineates plume boundaries and trajectories and tracks the plumes back to the sources - using only measured air concentrations and meteorological data
  • provides 24/7 surveillance of emissions with unmanned operation.
  • quantifies the emissions from an entire site and measures the location, size and variability of the important sources.
  • measures the source of any compound with a plume concentration significantly higher than background concentrations.
  • obtains multiple perspectives of emission plumes by collecting air from sample inlets positioned in and around a site and drawing the samples back to a central air monitor.
  • represents an important breakthrough in emission monitoring technology and is protected by US patent # 7,523,638 B2 and several patents pending.

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